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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or so they say. Apples really are pretty healthy, but some superstar fruits are getting a lot of attention these days. I’ve been giving some thought to fruits and which ones would really be a good addition to our diet, and while doing that, I’ve actually been eating an apple each day for many years.

Since I have a kapha body type, apple is a good choice for me, because it’s not too sweet and it’s a bit astringent. Speaking of Ayurvedic body types, I’ll blog more on this soon.

Have you noticed the fruit consumption has been falling in the US for years? That’s sad, because they are nutritional powerhouses. Turns out the pigments in fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants. Those are the plant chemicals that give fruits their blue, purple, red and yellow colors.

The term superfruit is really just a marketing term. Basically, it refers to a fruit that contains exceptional nutrient content and antioxidant quality. Pomegranate and blueberry started the trend. Now they range from the everyday to the exotic, from cherry and raspberry to acai and goji berry. There is no specific definition for what it takes to become a superfruit, and there are some glaring omissions from the discussion- strawberries, blackberries and oranges are not usually mentioned as superfruits despite their strong nutritional properties.

Scientific research has ID’d a bunch of fruit superstars, but the bottom line is that any fruit is better than none. Strawberry shortcake season coming up soon…


Have any of you folks had an experience with using a superfruit to improve your health? Which ones do you eat? Favorites?



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