Chill Out with Cumin


Cumin seed is a standby for making tasty cooling beverages in the tropical East. If you visit South Asia, you might not make it to the Taj Mahal, but one thing’s pretty certain: you’ll drink jal jeera. This cooling cumin drink is India’s lemonade, sweet iced tea and mint julep all rolled into one.

The main ingredient, cumin seed, lends its cooling effect, and is the core of the drink. Jal (water) jeera (cumin) often contains lemon, but it need not. Sometimes tamarind (imli), sometimes not, like any good Grandma recipe. And you will encounter as many recipes as there are Indian Grandmas. Some you will like, and some you could leave, like your own Grandma’s recipes.

But you don’t have to travel half way around the world for this delicious cooler. It’s easy to make, and you have the ingredients right in your kitchen. Here are some recipes to try:


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