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Let me introduce my good friend, Amanda McQuade Crawford, who is one of the premier consulting herbalists in America. With distinguished credentials in England, New Zealand and America, she has had an illustrious career in the field. I think Amanda is one of the clearest voices in herbalism today, and she is a noted authority on detoxification, so I have asked her to blog for us on the right way to detoxify. Look for the next two posts from Amanda over the next two days.

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Improved metabolism means feeling our best, or at least better than we might have felt yesterday. When we metabolize our foods fully, not to mention any supplements we might take, we take up more nutrients, we function with less effort, and we may begin to drop weight naturally. The simplest way I know to kick-start a healthy program is through detoxification — without harsh metabolic stimulants, laxatives or diuretics.

This diet is not for the extremely overweight or very ill, as such a person may release more accumulated tissue toxins than the organs of elimination are able to excrete safely. Assuming no other major health considerations in a patient no more than 40 lbs. overweight, this metabolic kick start can be scheduled for a weekend or time of minimal activity

The purpose of detoxification is to:
• promote improved metabolism
• give the digestive system a rest
• use live foods for rebuilding and repair
• use herbs to tone, balance and optimize



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