Improve Your Metabolism part 2


The second installment on a healthy detox plan from Amanda McQuade Crawford

I do not believe that the miraculous bodies we humans have are literally dirty inside. It just gets… cluttered, as does my closet sometimes, my house, or even my garden. That’s when I notice it is time to weed and thin so the plants are their healthiest. During any of these humble housekeeping activities, stripping back to what is essential for life gives me energy. Some jobs that you would seldom get to (the attic, those boxes in the garage) are not that different from your liver saying, I want to tackle those old deposits in that tissue over there. Maybe one day, when my regular workload isn’t so full! Well, that day is the one we choose not to put more food down the chute. Because so many people need to keep their energy up even while they improve metabolism, detoxification can be kept simple and pleasant to do.

Start cleansing gradually so you want to continue for three days. Even this three-day cleanse takes a total of six days to ease into and back out of a detox without tears.

Have a small fresh salad (organic produce when possible) the night before the 6-day program of ramping up healthy metabolic function. Include natural vegetable scourers and sweepers for the gastro-intestinal tract: beets, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, parsley, plus other favorite green, yellow and red leafy or root vegetables. Last night I had a beet, cucumber, and onion salad with fresh cilantro, and a 10 oz. glass of fresh carrot juice. I worked out for 2 hours, and felt ready for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow is my DAY 1!

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