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Yoga incorporates a wide variety of honored techniques, from posture, to mantra, to diet, which are designed to keep people physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. All yoga systems stress that each style of practice leads eventually to the same goal – spiritual union with our infinite nature. However, we all are different – different bodies, different personalities, different challenges, and we have different day-to-day needs, so the vast science of yoga offers an enormous selection of techniques that are suitable for a wide variety of people.

And one of the main things people need these days is a chance to relax. Enter yoga.

You may have heard how great people feel after their yoga class. And those people might even be saying how much more relaxed they are in their daily lives. One of the first goals of yoga is to give people an experience, often for the first time, of profoundly deep relaxation.

Relaxation sure sounds good, but why does yoga care? Over the centuries, yoga practitioners have discovered that people who can deeply relax are more effective in their jobs and relationships, have better health and are better able to meditate more deeply.

These exercises are a good sendoff for your deep relaxation journey:
Corpse pose (Savasana)
Upright leaning (Yoga to invite tranquility)
Baby pose, or child’s pose (Balasana)

It’s always a god idea to enroll in a class or use a quality DVD before embarking on your home practice. What yoga pose relaxes you?


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