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Wheatgrass juice


I’m a great fan of juice fasting. It’s a good compromise between drastic detox and you normal daily diet. Juice is pretty palatable, gives your taste buds something to concentrate on, and it sure is convenient. So give your digestive tract a break with some tasty juice.

Ancient holistic healing systems don’t much recommend pure water fasting, except occasionally for very short periods. These systems are much more inclined to recommend monodiets of short duration. In a monodiet, the diet is limited to specifically therapeutic foods for a short period of time to reduce the stress on the digestive system while keeping fuel coming in for the health and comfort of the person. Monodiets should be individualized to the person and/or condition, and are best undertaken with the advice and supervision of a trusted and experienced health practitioner. One great type of monodiet is a juice fast.

Juicing removes the fiber from vegetables, so it can’t make up your entire intake for extended periods. But it is a good way to concentrate the nutritive qualities of these alkalinizing foods. Besides, it’s a lot easier to drink a glass of carrot juice than it would be to eat the carrots it took to make it! For a great source of alkaline mineral salts, drink your vegetables.

Fruit juices are generally considered very detoxifying, are high in concentrated natural sugar, and are thought to push pH to the acid side. And most Americans don’t do well with fruit juice fasts. Most of us have eaten a lot of sugar in the past, and our blood sugar control might be a bit unstable. We tend to get fatigued and grouchy on fruit diets. For most people, stick with vegetable juice diets for detoxification. Also, watch out for large quantities of beet and carrot juices, which are especially sweet. While the whole versions of these vegetables are generally alkalinizing, in concentrated juice, the sugar content adds up pretty quickly.

Green vegetables are widely regarded in natural medicine as the most cooling, and they are especially alkalinizing. They also happen to be detoxifying, so they work for health promotion. Wheat grass is especially good, but broccoli, cucumber and dark leafy greens will do the trick. Many authorities consider celery juice, rich in organic sodium, to be the most alkalinizing food you can consume.

Juice is the best way to get enough green vegetables in you-after all, how many cucumbers or celery stalks can you eat? If you can drink a quart of vegetable juice a day, you will rapidly detoxify.


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