The Secret to Great Digestion


Warming spices

And it all starts with digestion. You are not, in fact, what you eat. You are what you assimilate and what you then eliminate.

Digestion begins when you first begin to think of food. When you select your meal well, prepare it properly and present it beautifully, your senses will aid your digestion. Your body and your mind are receptive. Flavors, aromas, colors, and textures make the experience of eating an agreeable and creative time.

First, keep the dining table dedicated to eating. Only your food should be in front of you. Before sitting down to the main courses, start with an appetizer that gets the juices flowing. Small portions of pungent, bitter and sour tastes especially stimulate digestive juices. Chips and salsa, anyone?

Make a point to smell the appetizing aromas 30 minutes before your meal to get your digestive system ready. And then eat in a serene atmosphere so your body can give its full attention to keeping you healthy.

We should eat when the digestive tract is comfortably empty, when our emotions are calm and we are truly hungry. Since heavy, oily or sweet food is the most difficult to digest, if you will be serving these foods, eat them at the beginning of the meal, after the appetizer has had a change to rev up the digestive juices. Enjoy your easier to digest sour and salty courses in the middle and dry, light and bitter foods, which put less strain on digestion, at the end of the meal. After an appropriately-sized meal, the stomach should be half filled with food, one quarter filled with liquid and one quarter empty.

These herbs are good choices to use along with the meal to promote healthy digestion:
Ginger root
Fennel seed
• Black pepper
• Mint
• Cardamom


Anyone want to chime in with your favorite digestive aids?

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