Peppermint — not just for candy canes


Who doesn’t like peppermint? For me, it’s a reminder of my kindly Grandma, but have you ever supposed that there might be something more to this herb than after dinner candy or a sip of mint julep?

Peppermint is one of our favorite teas, and it has a long history in traditional use for soothing indigestion.

Drink hot peppermint tea to promote perspiration, which will help to release waste materials.  .

This breezy mint has one drawback, compared to other mints. Its energetics are debated, but generally it’s pungent in taste, with a cooling energy. Even the English name gives you a clue. It decreases pitta dosha and kapha dosha and is balancing for vata. Since it is hot, at least to an extent, the digestive effects can be contradictory, so peppermint may aggravate pitta conditions. Spearmint is even more cooling, and might be a better choice for a fiery hot (excess pitta) tummy.

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