A Rose for Relaxation


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and all thoughts are turning to roses. These beautiful flowers add a special something to the décor, but they don’t stop at decoration.

Rose water in baklava, rose perfume from Arabia, rose lassi from India…did you ever notice how prominently rose figures in food, beverages and beauty products from the East? We seldom see rose flowers used as medicine here, but they are very popular herbs, not to mention food ingredients, in the Middle East and India.

Though often gifted to warm the heart, rose petals are actually very cooling, so it’s not surprising that people gravitated toward them as natural remedies in hot climates. Tea made from rose petals is a common refreshing drink in some of the warmest parts of the world.

Being so cooling, they are especially good for reducing pitta, especially when it is causing stress. Still, as cooling as they are, they are basically tridoshic, so anyone can benefit from them. And, unlike most cooling herbs, they pump up digestive fire and promote efficient digestion.

Commonly, rose petals are mixed with honey or raw sugar and allowed to marinate for a year. The jam is a tasty confection with a cooling effect. Many people just enjoy the taste.

Rose also finds its way into creams that soothe the skin. Recently, I’ve helped develop an herbal tea that uses soothing rose petals to support the skin from the inside out.

If you are a fan of rose lassi, rose jelly, or just see the world through rose colored glasses, I’d love to hear your stories about how you use roses. Around here we press roses or dry roses…how about cooking with roses? Share your recipes if you use roses for flavor in your food.

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