How are those resolutions going?


I thought it was about time to check in on those New Year’s resolutions. Most folks have long fallen off the wagon. The healthy living wagon, that is, which also answers to the names weight loss, exercise, good diet, a healthy romantic life and stress management.

We’re about six weeks in now. Deep into the New Year that started out with so much promise. Who’s sticking with their program? 

Well, not many New Year’s resolvers last very long. Seems like 97 percent of New Year’s resolutions are never actually realized. And one quarter of us don’t even make it past the first week. By about now, we’re down to about 60% who are still hanging in there.

The success rate for New Year’s resolutions may be miserable, but it looks like there’s still some good in adopting them. Scientists from England’s University of Hertfordshire found that 78% of people fail at keeping their resolutions, and it’s mainly because they focus on the what if I fail? aspect of making promises rather than the benefits of succeeding. People who divide their goals into a series of smaller chunks succeed 35% of the time. People who focus on small, easily achievable goals rather than on daunting, long term goals do much better. Resolve to lose 10 pounds at a time, for example. And don’t even think about giving up. People who keep their resolutions for at least two years report that, on an average, they had 14 setbacks during that time.

Statistics aside, over the long run, people who make resolutions are still 10 times more likely to successfully change their behavior than those who do not, even if it takes several tries. Bottom line for personal goals? Keep your goals small and be willing to accept small setbacks along the way.

What’s your secret to keeping those promises to your self?


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