Planning for a Planful Life


It seems to me that so much of what we do ends up being ruled by the day’s chaos. What if we could just get a little ahead of the frenzy and stick to a plan that would help us live the lives we dream of? The secret is to create a planful life.

We think we are busier and more stressed than ever before, but think about it. Have you ever, in your life, finished your to-do list? Did your grandmother? Each generation adapts to its own level of stress, fills the schedule to the breaking point, and proceeds to dive into the chaos and swim for dear life.

But the secret is right there in exactly the thing that is causing the problem in the first place. Your Habits. According to yoga, your habits can be your best friends or your worst enemies. If your habit has you sabotaging your health today, the same inner voice will gladly help you defeat yourself tomorrow.

In the habit of eating a healthy diet, enjoying your daily exercise and getting a restful night’s sleep? That same habit will guarantee you the same kind of a day tomorrow.

Turns out that ancient yogis worked that out long ago. Habits can heal you or hurt you. According to yoga, it takes 40 days to change a habit, and 90 days to transform it to a new habit. And it’s all under your control. Still, you have to set a goal for a new habit, begin to accept the change, and stick with it until the next habit is established. Meditation is the tool that yoga has worked out that will turn the tide in establishing healthy new habits.

The University of Maryland Medical Center has some good advice to help you create a planful life by setting reasonable goals and making them new habits.

You’ve heard of paralysis by analysis? Sometimes we get so caught up in self reflection that we actually make no progress. Dr. Pam Peeke has some great suggestions for this trap. She encourages us to shoot for progress, not perfection. When it comes to establishing a planful life, with habits that support, not sabotage, perfection is the enemy. Success is putting one foot in front of the other.

I’ll be blogging more about lifestyle success and how we can make progress in health, happiness and living a conscious life. Send me a note with your stories and your ideas. Let’s share what has worked for each of us.


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