Taking Time for the Important Things


You might love your work, but do you, in reality, live to work? True, we have to work to live, but many of us are finding that work has become our life, and not much else happens in life that’s not related to our jobs.

Especially these days, when job competition is keen, we’re probably all feeling the need to perform to our maximum, and that often means extra hours and working after we get home at night.

Plus, for too many of us, information overload is a way of life. More new information has been generated within the last 30 years than in the previous 5,000. This information overload can cause you to be psychologically hyper-aroused, with paralyzed analytical capacity and self-doubt.

People are being bombarded with so much information that they are having trouble making decisions. Maine clinical psychologist Kevin Polk calls it busy lethargy. You can be doing lots of things at a fast pace, but still be lethargic. Feel that you are running yourself ragged, but still not getting anywhere? That’s it!

And learning to relax is not just about having some relaxing herbal tea. You can avoid burnout by learning to pace yourself, taking breaks and knowing when to skim and when to study. Examine your thoughts. Take control by determining how much information you let in. Watch less TV news. Practice relaxation techniques. There’re a million of ‘em. In short, avoid scheduling yourself to death. Make some holes in your schedule. Find the time to remember why you’re alive.

Perhaps above all else, get some sleep.

And take some time for yourself. Dr. Partap Chauhan has a good perspective on the subject and recommends starting by getting in touch with the rhythms of natural living.

We all know rationally that the world will not stop spinning if we do not finish our to-do lists today. But it’s good to remind ourselves. My to-do list is long but I know everything on it gets done better (and usually faster) when I take time each day for yoga, meditation, prayer and breathing. Putting them on the to-do list in the first place is a good place to start.

I’m also working on some ideas around how to make the home a safe haven from stress…a place that is a calm refuge. Any of you have tips you’d like me to consider? I’m always happy to give credit for good ideas!


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