Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans


Welcome, all you Facebook folks! Thanks for all your questions, comments and sharing of recommendations.

To continue the incredible conversation happening on Facebook, I’ll be responding weekly to some of your great questions about herbal matters that are important to you.

So here we go:

@Caryn- you bring up a good idea with your mixing story. Yogi teas have always been created to be mix-and-match. This is lifestyle herbalism. Herbalists and Grandmas (and likely Grandmas who were also herbalists) have practiced it forever. People have always used herbs as mixtures. While we take great care to design each specific formula as an energetically balanced herbal tea, it’s great to be creative. Feel free to concoct your own combos and share ideas with each other.

@Caryn- iced Yogi tea? Of course! Yogi teas were formulated to be infused in hot water, so the ingredients for flavor and health do not come out very well in cold water. It’s best to brew the tea in boiled water as usual, let it cool to room temperature, and then add ice if you wish.


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Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans

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