Winter Recipes with Pizzazz


Baked Cauliflower


Having trouble coming up with tasty winter foods that are still healthy? How about something to stick to your ribs on these cold, cold winter nights during what President Obama called a Snowpocalypse? Did I mention it is cold?

Daily Green has a great set of green winter recipes today from eleven celebrity chefs. Some of them are really spectacular, and they all are interesting.

I especially resonated with a recipe for cauliflower steak. This vegetable in the cabbage family is usually treated like an orphan in our cuisine, but it is a nutritional powerhouse. This sounds like a tummy warming, rib sticking way to get in those beneficial phytochemicals. Maybe cauliflower is making a comeback, because Alice Waters also contributed a spicy cauliflower soup recipe. Nothing like a warm soup on a cold winter night. Sounds pretty good for you snowed-in East Coasters.

I’ll be blogging soon on some more winter recipes and on diet for the winter and spring. I’d love to hear your favorite recipes or suggestions for blogs on those topics. Eat up and stay warm out there!

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