Arianna Huffington challenges you to sleep


The Huffington Post ran a sleep challenge this year. The idea was to commit to getting sound sleep every night for a month. (That’s a minimum of seven and one-half hours per night.) According to the series of articles, women are much more sleep deprived than men.

It’s pretty enlightening reading.

Overall, actually getting some sleep was a resounding success. One commentator raved that, for a change, she only fell asleep where she wanted to, instead of on planes, trains, automobiles, over romantic dinners or during family events.

By the way, Arianna Huffington spent the last official night of the sleep challenge staying up all night, getting no sleep at all. Hmmm…

In the category of lessons learned, they were waking without an alarm, and decided that sleep was empowering, that nothing (no, not even caffeine) replaces regular deep sleep, you need time to wind down into sleep (there is no sleep on/off switch), the mind is sleep’s worst enemy and that nothing beats a hot bath and a massage before bed. (We could have told them that.)


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