Five Signs you are sleep deprived


We’re a nation of tired people. Americans are getting less sleep each year, and it shows. More and more people are failing to live up to the performance they expect of themselves, because of lack of sound, restorative sleep. Are you one of them?

Five signs you need to make some deposits in your sleep bank account

1. You have trouble making even simple decisions
2. You’re hungry all day
3. You’re sniffly all the time
4. You’re emotionally volatile
5. You have become clumsy

Most Americans run a chronic low level sleep debt. Sure, those little energy withdrawals from your sleep bank account won’t stop you in your tracks, but they slowly wear you down. What you need is some good old fashioned shuteye. Think about how much better you’ll feel and how much more productive you will actually be if you take on a little less and head to bed early for a few nights.

WebMD has a good overview of these five signs of sleep deficit.

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