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Hibiscus flower

Great questions, comments and recommendations this week!

Here’s my weekly round-up of answers to your questions posted on Facebook.

@Amy- thanks for your service there in Iraq. Using supportive herbs goes a long way toward staying healthy in stressful circumstances.

@Estrellita- goji is a wonderful superfruit. It supplies antioxidants and has been used as a stamina builder for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The new book, Superfruits, by Paul Gross, Ph.D., lists his pick for the top twenty healthiest fruits on Earth. Goji is number five.

@Shaun- since you mentioned herbal tea for the skin, let me say a bit about Skin Detox Tea. We used herbs like burdock and dandelion for gentle detoxification and others like rose and hibiscus for their soothing effects. 

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