Survive the Spring with Ayurveda – Part 2


If you missed part one, catch up here!

Spring is the season to detox, so our diets should be lighter and easier to digest.

Leafy green vegetables, leeks, lettuce, okra, parsley and spinach all have a mildly bitter, yet delicious taste, and aid in body cleansing. Turmeric, a popular curry spice, (and one of my favorites, you all know) is thought to be one that promotes healthy detoxification and is soothing.

Pungent onions and chiles help promote circulation. Root vegetables, including turnips, help support the liver while it does its extra spring-cleaning.

Split peas and navy beans are good sources of protein for this season, because they stick to the ribs but are easy enough to digest that the body still detoxifies easily.
Astringent or puckery foods, like berries and grapes, especially green ones, support detoxification.

A good lunch for a warm spring day would be a soup of mung beans and rice, with ghee, cilantro, and grated coconut.

The warming herbs green tea, basil and coriander keep the body balanced.

Do you have any tried and true spring routines? How do you cleanse the body as we emerge from winter? Share your stories and we’ll talk about them.


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