Top Ten Sleep Tips


When it comes to sleep, the little things add up. Here are ten great things you can do to make your night cozy and restful.

1. Wind down toward bedtime. Meditation is great for this.
2. Eat nothing after dinner (Vatas are the exception. They can have a light, warm snack, without refined sugar or white flour.)
3. Go to bed before 10 pm, before the pitta and vata cycles kick in
4. Use an herbal tea to calm down
5. Keep a consistent daily routine
6. Nap only occasionally
7. Oil your feet and hands before slipping into the sack to control vata
8. Reserve your bedroom as a restful place-no home offices or telephones
9. Keep your room pitch black and conceal the clock
10. Keep it quiet.

WebMD has a good video on getting a good night’s sleep while traveling.


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