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Nice to hear from all of you on Facebook this week.

Here’s my weekly round-up of answers to your questions posted on Facebook.

@Kristin- who said something good for you had to taste bad? The herbs in Yogi teas don’t all have the best taste, but we specialize in culinary herbalism, which is the art and science of making our teas both beneficial…and delicious!

@Natalie- we literally travelled the world to find a great tasting green tea. Sometimes plain green tea, while very popular throughout Asia, takes a bit of getting used to. Some of the most widely used varieties of green tea in Asia have some tastes we are not so used to here. The green tea leaves we use in our teas are organically grown, have a lovely mild flavor and do not become bitter when steeped accordingly to the directions. As a result, Yogi Pure Green tea tastes as good as it is good for you. If you haven’t ever tasted a green tea that agreed with you, may I suggest you give this one a try? I think it will be a hit from the start.

@Jennifer- you’re welcome! Sure, we all love to see the sun after a long cold winter. Even so, natural healing systems all caution that making the transition from winter to spring can be a little tough on your body. It’s always a good idea to prepare yourself and make some dietary and lifestyle adjustments.



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