Which healing herbs can I grow?


Fennel seed


Remember when we were talking about growing herbs? Here’s a bit more to inspire you if you haven’t started your garden yet.
The carrot and parsley family (Apiaceae), in particular, is a huge source of edible plants that are good tasting and healthy. These plants grow all over the world, and are used in a broad range of cultures. This group of plants has unusual chemistry, so they make their way into the kitchens of many native medical systems.
The seeds are typically the active part, but various parts are used, depending on the plant. Some well-known members of this family include parsley, coriander (cilantro is coriander greens), fennel, anise, cumin, and dill.

The popular Chinese herb dong quai is in this family.

Why not give these herbs a try in your garden? They are easy to grow, easy to dry, taste great, and keep for a very long time.

Have any of you added some zip to you kitchen with home grown herbs?


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