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Three Doshas


Perhaps the most important thing I have ever learned in my life, in terms of getting healthy and then staying healthy, is learning and using the system for self awareness that Ayurveda has created – the three doshas.

We have discussed that Ayurveda uses a scheme of individualized energetics to help you make personal decisions about what to eat, when to sleep, which herbs to take, and, in general, how to run your life.

Learning about the energies that make up your body and mind Ayurveda has developed can help you get well from an acute condition, and help you stay well for a lifetime. 

Part of the Ayurvedic system of energetics includes the concept of three primal metabolic regulatory forces, the doshas.

I’m starting a new series of blogs about the doshas. Everything you were afraid to ask…well, you know. We’ll cover romance, relationships, diet, herbal healing and much more.

Please email me, or post a comment, if you have questions. I’d like to discuss your concerns in the blog series, so now’s your chance to bring up all those questions you’ve been wondering about for years. Look for the first dosha blog in the next couple of days.


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