People and their doshas. You can get along with anyone.


Understanding the doshas gives us some powerful tools for insight into our own personalities, and they can definitely give us insight into the personalities of others in our lives. From your boss to your parents, and from your spouse to your coworker, your knowledge of the doshas can improve your relationships.

If you take a little time to sniff out the basic constitution of the person you are close to, you will have a powerful tool to help you communicate, make peace and cooperate with most everyone. Wouldn’t it be great to get along with anyone?
Here’s how it shakes out:

Vatas are creative and spontaneous. They like variety and they get bored easily if things are too predictable. Vatas have strong senses of touch and sound, so play them some exotic music. A massage goes a long way with a vata lover. Vatas will always surprise you with their creativity, so be ready to get stimulated and involved in new things. They like to have fun, and going along with their slightly wacky ideas can help the relationship a lot. If you are more the staid and serious type, loosen up! On the other side of the coin, your stability will help to ground the flighty vata and keep her from going too far off the deep end. Vatas get cold easily, so you can help them stay balanced by keeping the environment warm, physically and emotionally.

Pittas are the masters of practicality. They are very organized and focused in every area of their lives, including work and romance. Pitta types will splurge on luxuries, like a vacation or expensive jewelry. Knowing that, it never hurts to come bearing gifts when approaching a pitta boss or that attractive pitta you’re looking to ask out. Sight is the dominant sense for a pitta person, so helping them see the beauty in their world will open them up to friendship or calm down an argument (something they are good at, with their fiery personalities, by the way). And, as hot as they are, hot, keeping the room cool will help keep the pitta fire turned down, and help you get to the essence of your communication.

Kaphas are easy going and prefer to compromise. They would rather avoid conflict than fight and are loving, romantic and sentimental. They respond strongly to taste and smell, so a good meal will really ease the relationship if you are looking to get in good with a Kapha person. In the love arena, they things like a romantic dinner for two, scented candles, and heady perfume. Kaphas usually have just a few close friends, and they are very loyal, so be prepared for the relationship to develop slowly. Don’t hurry them, in love or business. Kapha folks are homebodies, so a delicious, intimate dinner at home, followed by a warm bath is the key to their romantic hearts.
Are you using your knowledge of the doshas to help you be a better communicator? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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