Speaking of Clothing and the Doshas — Some Tips


Everything we do in life affects the balance of the doshas. The clothing we wear can help to nudge us toward balance or can contribute further to ill health. Ayurveda cares little about style, and suggests that we choose our clothes to match our health needs.

To help balance the doshas with clothing, try these suggestions. While maybe not our first instinct when we flip through the racks at the store, some thoughtful consideration of what we wear can help us even out our energies and protect our bodies:

  • To balance vata, wear clothing in warm colors (red, orange, yellow) or a calming color, such as green. Wear plenty of clothes to stay warm.
  • To balance pitta, wear cool, soft colors (blue, green, white). Keep the clothing light enough to stay cool.
  • To balance kapha, when choosing clothing, favor bright strong colors  (red, orange, yellow). Stick to light fabrics.

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