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Whether your romantic partner shares your constitution or complements yours, you can learn to forge a solid romance with any other type. People of the same constitution often see themselves in their partner, while those who differ like the contrast and find that opposites do attract. Go for that special date, but just remember that each of us has a special energy that goes even better with some foreknowledge and relationship strategy.

Win a vata’s heart
Dinner and a movie? Oh, so passé for Mr. Vata. Well, perhaps dinner at an exotic Tibetan eatery followed by a critically acclaimed but obscure example of French cinema… Anything different will stimulate and engage Mr. Vata. Just don’t have him make the plans. If you actually need a reservation or real tickets, that is. Vatas love spontaneity and enjoy being surprised. Anything unexpected or nouveau will usually be greeted with delight. An exhibition of abstract art, or the latest performance art piece will do, as long as it’s artsy to the max, and the more obscure, the better.
A tip to keep your vata honey on an even keel-go easy on the chaos, crowds and loud noises. Mr. Vata gets easily overwhelmed.

Win a pitta’s heart
Your pitta sweetie likes to organize and plan everything – to be the boss. She knows what she wants, and would rather do it herself than end up on some strange date with Mr. Vata or stuck at home once again with Mr. Stick-in-the-Mud Kapha. Make a point to romance Ms. Pitta by the water, and choose a cool spot by a shady stream. Think sensual and you’ll do fine. Oh, and no controversial discussions. Bring along the romantic poetry.

Win a kapha’s stomach, er, heart
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Truer words were never spoken, if the man is a kapha. Want to get close to Mr. Kapha? Think no further. Cook him a wonderful meal.
Now, this meal is not at a restaurant, mind you. Anyone can throw money around, Mr. Kapha thinks. But someone who will take the time to cook a tasty repast, and spend the time at home to enjoy it together, followed by…dessert, now that’s a keeper!
If the date mate is a vata, so much the better, because she can show off her creative talents, and enjoy making something new and exotic.

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