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Fresh turmeric root

@Jennifer- Using relaxing herbs is a great way to get an introduction to herbal remedies. Herbal teas provide a way for the active ingredients to be absorbed quickly, and to circulate through the body, delivering their effects to the cells that need them. One of them, Saint John’s Wort, has been a staple in European herbalism for its mild relaxing and nerve supporting qualities. Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs in the world, and millions of people in Europe and America use it to promote relaxation and sleep.

@Kian- as you may know by now, turmeric is my favorite herb. Using turmeric as tea is quite popular in some parts of the world, including Okinawa, which is famous for the number of healthy elder people living there. Okinawans usually ferment the brew a bit before drinking the tea, making it a bit more absorbable, but just making a simple tea to your taste by steeping powdered turmeric work fine. Of course, according to Ayurveda all of turmeric’s stupendous benefits are still there if you cook with it or take it in a capsule. Joint Comfort herbal tea contains turmeric and is an easy way to work a bit of this incredible herb into your day.


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