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@Rozzi- good news that you are enjoying Bedtime tea with chamomile.

Chamomile flower is a well-known herb in the daisy family that can be used for a wide range of personal care needs. It is a mild and safe herb that is used all over the world. It makes a tasty tea, and is often enjoyed for mild health purposes.

Ayurveda classifies it as tasting bitter and pungent, and having a cold energy. It reduces pitta and kapha doshas, while being neutral for vata. It is basically good for all constitutional types, but particularly good for treating pitta. Chamomile helps to ease an upset stomach and promote balance and relaxation.

Want a bit more of a mental edge? According to Ayurveda, bitter taste is composed of air and ether elements, the same elements that predominate in the mind. Herbs with bitter taste, including chamomile, generally open the mind, increase the sensitivity of awareness. Bitter tasting herbs are cooling, calming and mind expanding, so they combat mental dullness.  



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