Kapha Women in Relationships


Solid as a rock. That’s Ms. Kapha. In the body and mind, kapha dosha provides stability and solidity, and this stable, consistent energy can do the same for relationships.
Ms. Kapha’s strong points are loyalty, calmness and stability. She might take a long time to warm up to you, but, when she does, you have a partner for life. Kapha people tend to stick it out through thick and thin, and they will have your back, once you have gained their trust.
In conversation, she will be placid, calm and receptive. You won’t get fiery arguments from her, and she sure isn’t flighty or spontaneous. Solid, practical and consistent, that’s her motto. You can depend on her.
She has a good long term memory and likes to come to well considered conclusions, so don’t rush her when making decisions.
The flip side of her stable temperament, though, is that lethargy sometimes gets in the way of healthy relationships. The solid, slow kapha energy can lead to depression, greed and attachment, so she has to make a point of staying optimistic and energetic. Ms. Kapha tends toward the heavier side, and she will find that the more weight she gains, the more mentally stuck she feels. In the long run, even though it’s a challenge, she will do much better if she maintains a healthy weight.
To stay energized, she should wake up early, before 6:00 a.m.; eat a light, Kapha-pacifying diet and exercise every day. If she stays invigorated, balancing her kapha dosha will infuse new life into your relationship.
Kaphas are usually not passionate, but they are dependable. Plus, Ms. Kapha is sentimental and romantic. Ms. Kapha is likely to be quite fertile, and she often ends up with a big family and has a stable, cozy, lifelong relationship. Quality relationships are very important to her; superficial relationships are depressing and draining.
To keep your Kapa sweetheart happy, cook her a nice dinner from time to time. Also, family activities are a good way to get her out of her house and into the fresh air.
If your sweetie is a kapha type, how do you keep her happy and energized?

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