Pitta Women in Relationships

Remember, the constitution reflects not only tendencies of the body but also the personality characteristics. The fire type, pitta, tends to be a leader, passionate, colorful, argumentative, competitive, decisive and convincing-fiery!

Ms. Pitta is intelligent, organized, and practical. She has a medium, compact, muscular build, and likely to be athletic. She is ambitious, makes a good leader and likes being in charge. Often it’s better to just let her take charge. She will do a great job, and you will enjoy the results.

Ms. Pitta’s most difficult time of life tends to be midlife, when pitta is the highest. Look for temper attacks to become more frequent from ages of 30 to 50. During midlife, give Ms. Pitta some extra space. She will cool down in her later years.

Pittas tend to run hot, so they need to make sure that they find ways to cool off, especially during the summer days. Pittas can also be intense, so they need to set aside some time to relax, away from work.

Treat Ms. Pitta with a demeanor that’s cool as a cucumber. Using too much intensity with Ms. Pitta will almost always backfire. Activities that help Ms. Pitta stay balanced are walks in the moonlight, taking in the cool breezes and romantic poetry.

Ms. Pitta does best with cooling food and drink. Herbal tea with rose petal is always a great choice. Of, course, Ms. Pitta should concentrate on a cooling diet to control her inner fire.


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