Vata Man in Relationships


Vatas like variety, so make sure Mr. Vata gets his variety from his hobbies and interests. Mr. Vata is artistic and creative and have a hard time staying on task long enough to finish a project. He falls in love quickly, but gets bored easily, so give him a reason to stick around. He abhors tedium and likes to be kept guessing, so mix it up!

To his mate, Mr. Vata seems tall and mysterious. He’s as smart and energetic as he is unpredictable. He is always going on about something, but not always with a clear sense of direction. He is a big picture thinker, not a detail man, after all! You can help him stay centered by keeping track of the little things that make life and love successful.

It helps to make a habit of harmonizing, positive behaviors. For Mr. Vata, staying in balance not only helps his relationship, but it also makes him feel healthier and live longer. Being truthful, calm, free of anger, charitable, well-behaved, self-controlled, devoted and compassionate helps him keep his relationship stable and consistently cozy and loving. This doesn’t mean forcing yourself to think positively, it means cultivating a mental balance where it’s natural to act harmoniously.

OK, Mr. Vata, I already hear you thinking, How am I going to find time to cook healthy foods, follow an Ayurvedic routine, work my job and still take care of my family? Ultimately, it’s all about healthy choices. Will you feel happier watching that late night TV show or getting that extra hour of sleep? Is your time better spent cooking healthy meal for your family or reading until all hours?

Cultivating an Ayurvedic approach to living does take time, but it is time well spent. And remember that taking care of your own physical, mental and emotional health will nurture your relationship, too.

What do you do to keep Mr. Vata grounded and happy in your relationship?

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