Five Reasons to Love Each Dosha


Lissa Coffey, author of What’s Your Dosha?, included this inspiring advice in her newsletter today.

I think it’s right on, especially the part about kaphas being lovable!

Visit Lisa’s website for tons of great information on Ayurveda and body types.


5 Reasons

Each dosha has its own unique qualities, some of which are absolutely amazing!  Here’s what I’ve found to be five reasons to love each one:


5 Reasons to Love a Vata

Cool hands, warm heart.
Always lots to talk about.
Fun, fun, fun!
A flair for fantasy.
Vatas are amazing!

5 Reasons to Love a Pitta

Can talk you into anything
A predictable stomach clock
Passion, passion, passion!
Great at problem-solving.
Pittas are HOT!

5 Reasons to Love a Kapha

Who could resist those eyes?
One word: Stamina.
Hugs, hugs, hugs!
Your best friend.
Kaphas are lovable!


  • Cherie Rumbold says:

    I would like to try these teas. Give away is past the deadline and I do not know how to get a sample.

  • Yogi says:

    Hi Cherie! We appreciate your interest in trying our teas. For samples and a coupon, we welcome you to use our Well-Wishes program here on our website where you can choose a pairing of complimentary teas. Enter a well-wish for yourself or for a friend and your tea pairing of choice will be mailed along with a $1-off coupon. Here’s a link: Thank you & Be well!

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