What You Will Eat in 2011

00442717Fitbie has a recent slide show that predicts the hot food trends for the next year.

One of the trends that caught my eye was the new interest in gluten free foods. From my perspective, this has become the trend du jour. I get more questions about gluten free eating than all other nutrition questions combined. While this is no doubt somewhat of an overreaction, and not everyone is as wheat sensitive as they think they are, I am glad to see the awareness of celiac disease get its due, and also imppressed that people are becoming less inclined to consume wheat in such abundant quantites.


  • Lois says:

    I have celiac. Which teas are gluten free

  • Becca Lesser says:

    Hello, Lois!

    Thanks so much for reaching out, and for giving us the opportunity to provide you with information regarding gluten and our teas. At Yogi, we take a very conservative stand whenever individual health issues, especially food sensitivities, are concerned.

    Our tea bag material and packaging contain no added gluten and all natural flavors used in our teas are gluten free. As for our teas, we have sixty different varieties and the majority of them contain no added gluten. However, three of our current Yogi tea recipes contain barley malt, and therefore gluten: Calming, Healthy Fasting and Stomach Ease.

    At this time, we are pleased to share that we are in the final stages of examining the removal of barley malt from these three formulas without disrupting the flavor of the teas.

    Also, please note that up until very recently, our Kava Stress Relief tea also contained barley malt. The new version of this tea without barley malt is just beginning to reach store shelves. It is therefore likely that both versions will be in stores for the next few months until the older inventory runs out. You can identify which version you have by looking at the Supplement Facts panel ‘Other Ingredients’ section to see if Barley Malt is listed.

    I hope this information is helpful! Please feel free to let us know of any additional questions.

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