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We’re excited to share that our vibrant Facebook community has grown so much this year that we’re moving our talk of herbalism, the Yogi lifestyle and our dozens of delicious teas to the Yogi Facebook page:  Come find us there and enter to win a free season of Yogi Tea with winners chosen every week. We hope you enjoy this next evolution in our ongoing conversation with you!


  • Theresa Clarke says:

    How can I send a free sample to my friend?
    Thank you!

  • Yogi says:

    Hi Theresa! For samples and a coupon, we welcome you to visit the Well-Wishes program here on our website, which allows you to choose a pairing of complimentary teas. Enter a well-wish for yourself or for a friend and your tea pairing of choice will be mailed along with a $1-off coupon. Just visit: If you need any further assistance, we welcome you to email us at Be well!

  • yvonne o'brien says:

    I cannot have tannins. Do your teas have tannins? I tried your roibush chai tea and love it. Thank you.

  • Yogi says:

    Thank you for your question, Yvonne! Tannins are naturally occurring in plants and therefore exists in natural amounts in some of the herbs and botanicals used in our teas. At Yogi, we do not treat our teas to increase or decrease the natural tannin content, nor do we measure our teas for tannin levels. If you have any further questions, we welcome you to email us at Be well!

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