The doshas in business and in the workplace


Mr. Pitta at work

We spend a lot of time at work. Most of the time it’s where others get to see our constitutional tendencies on display and where the stress is, so it may not always bring out the best in us. Understanding your nature and personality can be a big help to achieving success in your work environment, in terms of your day-to-day behavior, and as a help toward achieving your long term goals.

Mr. Vata is drawn to creative pursuits and often does not do so well in a hardball business environment. His natural strength is in creative activities and he reacts to stress with fear and anxiety. He gets easily enthused about new projects but is easily distracted, so he may miss deadlines He is likely to be timid, so confronting snarly workplace situations is not his forte.

Ms. Pitta likes to be the boss, and is often good at it. She is focused, driven and gets projects done on time and under budget, or heads will roll! She usually enjoys a sense of accomplishment from her productivity. She responds to stress with anger and argues when feeling hurt. If Ms. Pitta can stay calm and centered, she can do well in business, but if she allows herself to get angry and intense, she can alienate the very people who could help her succeed.

Mr. Kapha is good as a merchant. When he has enough time to think things through completely, he can come to well considered conclusions. He achieves his career goals through slow and steady work and since he is good at teamwork, tends to do well in groups. It takes him a while to develop an interest in a new venture, but once he gets behind it, he will slowly and consistently apply his stamina to bring it to a successful conclusion. Mr. Kapha tends to like the finer things in life, including good food and comfortable surroundings, so he’ll work hard to acquire these things for his family.

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