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MP900446765pepperWhy do so many Yogi teas contain black pepper? We think of black pepper as a culinary spice, but in Asian herbalism black pepper is the foremost detoxifier and anti-aging herb. It is a warming, anti-gas digestive remedy that is used to increase circulation. Black pepper is combined with long pepper and dry ginger root to form the famous deep cleansing “Trikatu” ,three pungents, Ayurvedic formula, which is one of the most widely used remedies in Asia.

Pepper is an anti-kapha herb that burns up body cellular wastes (called “ama” in Ayurveda). Its warming nature balances cold herbs in formulas. It is ideal for kapha conditions, such as balancing pressure in the eyeball.

For a tasty nerve and eye tonic in Ayurveda, mix 50 peppercorns, 50 almonds, and 25 grams of anise seeds. Grind all the ingredients and mix. Add raw sugar if you prefer. Take one teaspoonful twice daily in warm milk.

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Weekly Q and A with our Facebook Fans

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