Rainforest Alliance Yogi Tea Giveaway!


In honor of our collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance and Follow the Frog Week, we’re giving away a selection of Yogi teas that contain Organic Rooibos from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms! Winners will receive a box of each Caramel Apple Spice Snack Tea®, Chai Rooibos, Honey Lavender Stress Relief, Berry Antioxidantand Soothing Caramel Bedtime tea®!

To enter, leave a comment on this post about why buying sustainable products matters to you!



Comments must be posted by 11:59pm PST on September 30th, 2012 to be counted as eligible entries.**

**Offer is valid for US households only. Winners will be notified via email within three (3) business days after the Giveaway Period and will have an additional ten (10) days to respond to claim their prize. For questions, or to receive a complete copy of the official rules for the 2012 Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Rooibos Yogi® Tea Blog Sweepstakes please email giveaway@yogiproducts.com before October 31, 2012.




  • Tammie Schoenfeld says:

    Each of us must do our part to sustain the environment. If I can do that by drinking delicious tea, what could be better?

  • arlene laplante says:

    love the samples I received in the mail, however I can’t find them any where. they are so GOOD, only want this tea to serve to special people, the special ones deserve nothing but the best!!
    Arlene LaPlante
    36 Garfield st.
    Fort plainj, ny 13339

  • Amanda Vredenburgh says:

    Why not buy sustainable and fair trade products? Do something good for the planet and your fellow humans.

    Oh, and recycle too!

  • Sylvia Moose says:

    Save the planet for my grandchildren and make it better for those already here.

  • Sandra Lejasbunde says:

    I buy sustainable products because I care about the environment. Also, I love Fair Trade teas because then at least I know that the farmers are getting paid fairly for their organic ingredients. Yogi Teas are beyond a doubt the best of its kind. I was quite impressed with the samples and was looking forward to buying a few boxes (especially since I had a coupon for a free box, which is probably now expired) but I cannot find Yogi anywhere!

  • Julie Botsch says:

    …because I’m an eco-feminist!

  • Liesel Benecke says:

    Buying a sustainable product is bringing intention into your life. It’s a way of giving to a cause while also receiving, which balances out the interaction in the end. <3

  • Kaniema Bey says:

    This universe, and this planet, have given us this anomaly….this life, that we take for granted too often. I believe in doing all we can to protect it- its all that we have.

  • Meredith says:

    We must protect what we have been given–not just for us, but for those around us, and for future generations.

  • Angela Flickema says:

    Sustainable means that someone has taken the care to protect the land for future generations. This is so important as the world population continues to grow. Yogi has been the leader in many areas from the conception of the company. I’m willing to spend more to support companies that are aware that profitability and sustainability go hand in hand.
    Thank you for setting a great example.

  • kelly says:

    this has been the plan of God all along…you have the land …you have the gift…use it! blessed by your work…Thank you for a clean and natural product..I wait in happy expectation for your tea 🙂

  • T Jue says:

    I support sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible products to show my purchasing power goes to brands and products that make a positive change in the economy, environment and world community.

  • Christina Catlin-Groves says:

    Yogi tea nourishes your body, but a sustainable product nourishes your soul and heart. The idea of taking the trouble to keep something as precious as our planet AND the next generation in a state which will continue is truly something to be proud of. Sustainability is not just about our environment but also about people – making a product which works to promote the economic wellbeing of individuals and families, as well as the the environment in which they work, on a planet which belongs to everyone and no-one holds such a wonderful symmetry. Go yogi tea!

  • roger king says:

    always looking for new and natural tea.yours sounds like a perfect product.

  • Cindy says:

    I think it’s important so that we can help save the rain forrest. Which provides healthy oxegen, has health healing plants, and not to mentions the hundreds of living creatures habitat. 🙂

  • Abbey says:

    Buying sustainable products is a matter of respecting your external and internal environment. With awareness and practice, buying sustainable products can become a lifetime habit.

  • Karen Hawkins says:

    Purchasing Yogi Tea and other sustainable products is important to us all as well as future generations. It is all about the environment.and the preservation of our beautiful world.

  • K. C. says:

    Relax and enjoy the pleasure of repairing your body, which we rarely take time to do.

  • Anna says:

    Buying sustainable is important because I believe in leaving things better than you found them.

  • Ashley says:

    Shopping sustainably is simply shopping responsibly. It’s also essentially voting with your pocket book as every dollar you spend tells responsible companies you support them and irresponsible ones that you don’t.

  • Ashley says:

    Shopping sustainably is simply shopping responsibly. It

    ‘s also essentially voting with your pocket book as every dollar you spend tells responsible companies you support them and irresponsible ones that you don


  • dennis martin says:

    my cousin had sum of your tea and i like to enjoy a good quality tea
    on a daily basis so i will be buying more of it myself

  • Diana L Nichols says:

    The future will be molded by our actions. Each of us must do all of we can to leave a legacy of sustainable resources for our children and grandchildren so that they may live long and healthy lives.

  • Sandra says:

    It’s easier to feel happy and content when you know others are doing well too, rather than worse, due to your actions.

  • Paula DiBacco says:

    I really enjoy these teas. Over the past decade, I’ve become more aware of my footprint and I’ve taken some big and some small steps to reduce my footprint. One of those ways, is by supporting companies that also care for the environment. I try to make healthy choices and drinking Yogi teas definitely falls into that category!

  • Marlene Erickson says:

    I am a tea drinker, but have never sampled any of your product. Can’t wait to try it!

  • Amelie says:

    to help the world be a good place for my children and their children is the reason I buy sustainable products, have my own garden, and show respect for the earth

  • Chris says:

    buying sustainable products is important to me because we’ve been living in a world of wasteful actions, and it’s time for all of us to do our part in preserving our planet for the future. I want my grandkids to know I did my best to give them the best.

  • Jenette says:

    the environment is important and any little bit helps….
    And I love Tea…so can’t wait to get a sample…and if by writing this I get to win…that will be even better….

  • Carrie Kilgore says:

    It really should be a no-brainer: we either become sustainable or we run out of resources and die (with a lot of bad between the two). It’s not just us! Our kids and grandkids (and their kids and grandkids) need a world full of resources, too. We should insist on doing all we can to promote sustainability. Some products, of course, make it easy. Yogi is marvelous tea–a proof that what is good for us can be delicious!

  • Tina says:

    I do my part to show my three year old daughter that you can do the right thing and enjoy yourself while you do it. A lesson, I hope, she takes with her through life. One thing she does do is enjoy a cup of tea with mom, memories and the environment hopefully we can make last forever

  • Ann F. Keenen says:

    I really enjoy Yogi teas and the saying on thr tags. I enjoy them also because they are organic and the box is recyclable. I recycle and it such an easy thing to do I dno’t know why everyone doesn’t do it.

  • Danique wittier says:

    Buying sustainable products is important to me because it’s a chance to give the planet a break create a demand for sustainably produced products. This encourages the redevelopment of business and production practices to come in line with sustainability. Remember, it’s not just the big stuff, it’s the little stuff too; it’s what you wear, the door mat you choose, the artwork on your wall, the key chain you carry.

  • durthea Cockrell says:

    love drinking my tea every day if its good for the earth then its good for me

  • Claire says:

    Mostly because the earth can only last so long! We have to be good to it.

  • Ivan Velez says:

    I just love tea… But it’s to expensive.

  • Mandy says:

    If we consume all that there is (of everything) in the present, then we leave nothing for the future. Sustainable living today shows that we love those that will live tomorrow.

  • Pamela Fuller says:

    Such a simple and delicious way to support so many body systems and functiuns. Add the care given to producing these teas and it is the responsible course to follow.

  • Elise says:

    …because I want to consume positive, Divine energy and maintain integrity in my high energy levels!

  • michelle says:

    It does something good for the envoirnment and the future

  • Dana says:

    Purchasing sustainable products means protecting future generations, encouraging others to not take the things that we have for granted, to continually think about others before ourselves, educating others on what sustainability actually means and how if we all used one alternative a day (like changing a light bulb), one could save money and resources. So by drinking yogi detox tea, at least we can change one thing in our diet, feel good about ourselves, and influence others to do the same.

  • diana says:

    i like yogi teas and earth products that dont damage the environment

  • ANdy says:

    reuse, and recycle, and keep love alive,, do not put so much effort into materialr products

  • Barbara Adele Fine says:

    Because there truly is a different and gentler way to live our lives.

  • Luke Hvass says:

    In order to leave the best of our planet for the next generation and future generations to come, it’s important to buy and live sustainably for the future. I support these products and would like to see more to come!

  • Catie Zuckerman says:

    I try to buy sustainable products because it helps utilize the earth’s resources more responsibly. Not everything can be bought from sustainable vendors. However when there is a choice I prefer to make the responsible choice – sustainability. Our families & children follow what we do. So while buying sustainable sends a message to the companies it sends an even bigger message to our children & their friends. If we set the example, then maybe the next generation will improve their quality of life with sustainable & fair trade products that help the earth and those living on the earth.

  • kayla stephenson says:

    Natural, clean, health concious

  • Heather says:

    Because changing the way Society respects and treats Mother Nature is important to me. eat local, recycle small steps every single day!!

  • Alan says:

    I am in fact grateful to the owner of this website who has shared this impressive
    piece of writing at at this place.

  • Dennis says:

    I love yogi tea and would love to try this tea!

  • AMANDA says:

    Buying sustainable is important because I believe in leaving things better than you found them

  • Jenna says:

    Sustainability is essential in perpetuating the advancement of our society!

  • Vickie White says:

    we can be healthy through the food we eat

  • wendy coleman says:

    Simply put Because I Love myself and Mother Earth!! She is ill and we all need to do our part so we can all contribute to her healing!!!

  • ronald ramesra says:

    i love this product could you send a free sample please

  • Jenn Duncan says:

    We need to help in every way possible to fix our broken earth. One small tiny step taken – even buying sustainable products – will make a difference.

  • Lyra D says:

    how can it not be important??? knowing that you are doing your own little part to save the environment is what counts.

  • Felisa Killings-English says:

    Growing up in the South, my grandmother always had us picking different wild herbs, roots, and plants, to steep for a great cup of tea. Sometimes we would go on long walks, she would point out a plant, and, say that leaf or that root will make a good tea for a particular condition. I most remember walking out the backdoor, looking at her selection of planted delicacies and struggling to decide which one I wanted to drink that day. Grandmoma is gone, and I no longer live in the country, but, I still have a tremendous love of tea, that’s why I love Yogi.

  • Mary Clay says:

    We are made of the same atoms as the stars and sea.
    I want to give back what they give to me.
    They give of their lives and purity
    Which they can’t give back if WE spoil the sea.
    Plants have hearts unlike our own
    But the mission of their hearts chills me to the bone.
    Their hearts pump the nutrients gleaned from the earth
    To produce their own flowers to aid in rebirth.
    And their mission is to share what God made them to be:
    A source of recycling the atoms from the sun and the sea.
    So after a sip of teas filled with love
    I raise my arms to the warm sun above.
    I become the tea plant with raised limbs and hands.
    And become thankful for the purity of the air and the lands.
    I can only pass along the true nature of the tea
    Because its true nature was revealed to you and me.
    So drink more tea and rest assured
    You are a vessel into which has been poured
    One of God’s own blessings to help us be
    Giving of ourselves, rather like the tea.

  • Meagan Ossorio-Urban says:

    I have been drinking your teas for years. I have 5 children so sustainability is very important to me. Every day at work I used to drink blueberry slim life and at bedtime any tea that helped me relax.

  • Traci Boyer says:


  • Traci Boyer says:

    i love your tea and i love the samples i get in the mail no other tea has the same effect that yours does

  • c m says:

    Being healthy creates a leader and once you establish eating and drinking sustainability, then others will follow creating a happier, healthier world. I enjoy leading by a good example such as drink yogi tea.

  • jakki blackshir says:

    I have been using Yogi for 6wks. now and i really do love it. I have found that Yogi works and is true to it’s word..

  • Melissa Luddeni says:

    We all must do our part and to know purchasing sustainable products help to do this.

    Also as a very small business owner letting my clients know I am doing this helps to encourage them to do the same.

  • Madi Letsche says:

    For three weeks I toured the Peruvian Amazon, and I’ve still seen so little! It’s a tremendous thing of beauty and life, but it’s disappearing so rapidly. At this point, sustainability is the only responsible option. One person’s commitment to making a change for the better seems small, but soon it’s one and one and one and thousands more ones, and that’s a big difference!

  • Christine says:

    I realize this contest is over 🙁 but wanted to share my 2 cents anyway.

    Every step counts!!! Little actions add up and affect our environment indirectly if not directly. Buying sustainable products is supporting those who’ve taken steps to decrease the carbon footprint of our earth in order to save mankind and all living things in the long run. We will be nonexistent one day if these steps aren’t taken!

  • Cheri Ham says:

    Yogi tea works with me whether it be to soothe, calm, energize or simply to enjoy a nice cup of tea. This is a great contest!

  • ronald ramesra says:

    We must for those around us, and for future generations protect what we have been given

    not just for us,

  • Lucas Larzabal says:

    Having grown up in Colombia, I can tell you first-hand that buying trade-certified products is always preferable. It guarantees the security of the people producing things like coffee or tea and in exchange we get a wonderful product back! It’s a win-win!

  • Anita Floyd Sarratt says:

    I love tea, especially earth friendly herb teas. Why mess up something thats already good with preservatives and other junk. We are what we drink! So let it be yogi tea!

  • Anna Rose says:

    Buying sustainable products is important to me because it not only helps me but also the environment. What we do right now matters, it matters now and for our future. It is our responsibility to take care of what we have so that it keeps our world healthy.

  • shirlette davis says:

    I love the product but haven’t tried the new flavors, it’s the best but would a chance to win, it can be pricey

  • Satish says:

    I started drinking the Green tea Blueberry slim life yogi tea and can assure you this is the best cup of tea i had in a long time. After reading the ingredients i felt this is not only the right thing do for the body but also for the environment and rightly mentioned in the packaging ‘Health is found in nature’

  • Adam Love says:

    If I do my part to care for the earth, then the earth will do the same for me.

  • Gale says:

    3 Cheers for Mother Earth and Yogi Teas! 😉

  • Angie says:

    Every decision and every purchase matters. I like to make good choices by supporting brands that give back and have sustainably sourced ingredients. Thanks Yogi Tea for selling great products, I’m a big fan.

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