Find Relaxation this Holiday Season with Bedtime® & Kava Stress Relief® Teas

In the tradition of yoga, where humans and nature are closely aligned, it is understood that the most stressful times for the body are in these transitions between the seasons.

Transition into winter brings shorter days and less exposure to light which can impact or even disturb our natural sleep cycles leaving us feeling tired or out of balance. Our stress levels can build, our strength and natural immunity may fall.

Here at Yogi we make several delicious varieties of tea that can help support rest and relaxation, including Bedtime® and Kava Stress Relief®.

This winter, relax with a cup of our delicious Bedtime tea. This blend combines valerian, passionflower, lavender and skullcap with licorice, cardamom and cinnamon for a soothing tea that supports a good night’s sleep. These traditionally used herbs have been used for centuries by herbalists to help calm the nervous and muscular systems to encourage a state of relaxation. If you wake during the night and cannot sleep just brew a cup of this tea. Sip it in the silence of the night, enjoy that time as a gift or opportunity. It is surprising how calm and beautiful these simple moments can be.

During those stressful days, drink a cup of Kava Stress Relief which can help ease tension and promote relaxation. In this special formula we combine Cinnamon and Sarsaparilla for warmth and spice, while Kava root can help to calm the body and mind. With calm body there follows calm mind and your natural balance is restored. To suit your taste preference, consider adding a touch of your favorite sweetener and a bit of milk or milk substitute.

On behalf of Yogi tea I would like to wish you a wonderful and relaxing winter season!


Guru Hari



  • Leslie Zabo says:

    I am looking for Bedtime Tea with Skullcap – Caffeine Free – the bag is gold color with “Yogi Tea” in a dark blue label at the top …. all it shows is that it has 187 mg of Skullcap and no other ingredient-it worked MUCH BETTER than the Bedtime Tea that we have had to buy – how can I find the one I had first???
    Please Help??? Thank you

  • Yogi says:

    Hi there Leslie,

    Thanks so much for your question! May we kindly ask you location? Given the carton description you’ve shared, it sounds like you may be referring to the Bedtime tea ( produced by our European counterparts. If this is the case, we kindly request that you reach out to our EU Customer Care team, who can better assist with your request:

    Yogi Tea Europe
    Phone: +49 (0) 40 – 42 30 11-19

    Thank you, and be well!

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