Herbs for Yoga, Part 4: Endurance

STPE-3D-Left_WithFlavorCues_WEB_reducedTo optimize your daily energy and promote endurance, Yoga itself can help, as well as herbal tonics.

Eleuthero is a distant relative of Asian ginseng, but has been most frequently nicknamed Siberian ginseng in this country. Native to the Taiga region of the Far East, Eleuthero was originally used by people of this Siberian region to support endurance and quality of life. Chinese medicine records say that the use of eleuthero dates back 2,000 years. Called ci wu ju in Chinese medicine, it is used to promote vitality and endurance. 

Eleuthero’s reputation for helping to promote stamina and endurance has made it a long and continuously used herb around the world. You can find this endurance-supporting herb in several Yogi teas, including Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy and Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life, among others. 

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Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa

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