Bridging Communities in Honduras

Honduras bridge site


We’re teaming up with our supplier and farmer partners in Honduras to build a much needed bridge!


One of the most used ingredients in our collection of teas is organic cardamom. Most of the cardamom used in our teas comes from one particular region of Honduras, the Village of Santa Tereza de Omoa. This jungle village is home to 1,200 people, and everyone in the village is involved with growing cardamom. In fact, 60% of total Honduran output of cardamom comes from this region alone!


Through our relationship with this grower community, we have learned that the Village of Santa Tereza is isolated from larger nearby villages due to an un-crossable river for several months of the year during the rainy season. These nearby villages are home to relatives and also offer closer schools and stores.


We are pleased to share that we’re partnering with the Village of Santa Tereza, Pure Ground Ingredients, and the Jerezano family, a Honduran local supplier partner who processes and dries the organic cardamom from the villages of this region, to build a bridge that will connect these villages year round.


Access to the larger villages by way of the bridge will connect families, provide enhanced ability to conduct business related to the village’s cardamom crops, provide access to a closer and better school as well as the only grocery store in the area, and support general quality of life to the 1,200 people in Santa Tereza.


This bridge is a true team effort between Yogi, the Jerezano Family, Pure Ground Ingredients and the people of Santa Tereza. Yogi and the Jerezano Family will be providing financial support for the project, the villagers will be providing the labor to build the bridge.


We expect the bridge to be completed within 2-4 months, and will keep you posted with updates along the way!


Mr. Manuel Jerrazano showing off an organic cardamom seedling before transplant.Mr. Manuel Jerezano showing off an organic cardamom seedling before transplant.

Honduras bridge Santa Tereza Town Council discussionYogi’s VP of Global Procurement, Gerry Gegenhuber, Kevin Lindseth of Pure Ground Ingredients, and members of the Jerezano Family meet with the Santa Tereza town council to discuss the Bridge Project.

Honduras bridge siteSite for the bridge (the river gets even bigger and stronger during rainy season!)

Honduras bridge example 2 An example of a steel-reinforced concrete bridge, similar to what will be built.


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