The bridge in Honduras is complete!


We’re excited to announce that the bridge we’ve been working on in Honduras is complete! It’s now open to vehicles and pedestrians, offering the people of Santa Tereza year-round access to neighboring villages. This connects families, provides access to a better school and the only grocery store in the area, and enhances the village’s ability to conduct business related to their cardamom crops.


One unique feature of this bridge is the wood, which is reclaimed wood that came from a Tamarind tree that blew over about 5 years ago on a steep hillside near one of the village’s organic cardamom fields. Tamarind tree wood is touted for being extremely hard and durable, making it the perfect fit for this bridge.


Thank you to the villagers of Santa Tereza, Pure Ground Ingredients and the Jerezano family for partnering with Yogi to build this bridge that will connect communities and improve every-day life for Santa Tereza residents.


Below are links to more information about this project and the building of the bridge.

Bridging Communities in Honduras

Update on our bridge project in Honduras!


School kids crossing the bridge

school kids crossing bridgeschool kids crossinb bridge 2

Villagers of Santa Tereza standing on the newly constructed bridge

finished bridge 1

The Tamarind trunk used for the bridge’s wooden boards

tamarind Tree 3






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  • Char Nolan says:

    I go in medical team mission trips to Honduras, where my adopted children were born.

    This bridge is just awesome!

    Thanks so much!


    Char Nolan

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