Raspberry Lime Refresh


Raspberry lime iced tea in glasses with straws. Ingredients for making tea - including fresh limes and berries in a bowl - are on the white picnic table in the background.


Sweet, tart and refreshing, this recipe makes a perfectly delicious summertime drink using Yogi Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy. Enjoy!


What You’ll Need

*  2 Yogi Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy tea bags

*  1 ½ cups of water

*  20 fresh or frozen raspberries

*  About 4 ice cubes

*  ½ teaspoon agave, honey or your favorite sweetener

*  1/3 cup of club soda

*  Small lime, quartered


The Steps

*  Bring water just to boiling then steep the tea bags for 6 minutes.

*  Remove the tea bags; let tea cool.

Add raspberries, sweetener and ice; blend.

*  Add club soda and juice from two of the lime wedges; mix.

*  Garnish with remaining lime wedges and raspberries; add extra ice if desired.



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