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Learn More About Supporting Healthy, Glowing Skin from the Inside-Out with these Ayurvedic Practices and Yogi Teas

The condition of your skin can provide a great deal of insight into the overall health and wellness of your body. According to Ayurveda, the skin is made up of six layers – layers that are located deep within your body, as well as the layers that serve as a protective barrier between your body and the environment. The condition of these layers can be negatively impacted by diet and other lifestyle choices.

 To promote healthy skin from the inside-out, look to natural methods of support, such as:

*Avoiding greasy, fried, and pungent foods as well as alcohol to soothe the Pitta dosha (read our blog post about following a Pitta Cooling Diet plan to learn more)

*Avoiding activities like smoking and prolonged exposure to the sun

* Using herbs and botanicals traditionally used to promote skin health

Drinking herbal teas is a great way to incorporate skin-friendly herbs and botanicals into your skincare regimen. Hibiscus Flower and Rose Petal, found in Yogi Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin DeTox tea, are both traditionally used in Ayurveda to support skin health, particularly for their soothing and cooling properties.

Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin DeTox | Yogi Tea

In contrast, warming herbs like Cinnamon Bark and Cardamom Seed can also support skin health. The combination of these herbs, along with Nettle and Mullein Leaf, makes our Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin tea another excellent pick for supporting your healthy glow from the inside-out.

Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin | Yogi Tea

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  • janet annandsingh says:

    What time of day do you drink detox tea?

  • Linda says:

    Your quiz is not working, it will not let you go further than the first question regarding your body frame.

  • Uhura says:

    Why can’t I order straight from you guys? Since you are the source.

  • Becca Lesser says:

    Hi there Janet! Thanks so much for your question about our DeTox teas.

    In general, Yogi teas (including DeTox) can be consumed at any point throughout the day. However, for best results, we recommend consuming Yogi teas in between meals, either an hour before eating or one to two hours after eating.

    We hope this helps!

  • Becca Lesser says:

    Hi there Linda,

    Thanks so much for your note. We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing our Discover Your Dosha Ayurveda quiz! While we were unable to replicate the same issue you’re experiencing, may we request information about which browser you are using to access the quiz, so that we may further assist you?

    Thank you,

  • Becca Lesser says:

    Hi there Uhura,

    Thanks so much for your question. We currently use a third party vendor, World Pantry, to manage our phone and online tea orders (US only). Orders can be placed online through our website using the ‘Shop Online’ link at the top of the page, or by calling 1-866-972-6879.

    Please feel free to let us know if we can be of any additional assistance. Thank you!

  • Krishan says:

    Hello. I’m only 14 years old and I noticed that some of your teas have warning labels that states that the teas aren’t recommended for children under 18. I really don’t want to stop drinking your teas but should I be alarmed or worried?

  • Becca Lesser says:

    Hi Krishan,

    We currently have 60 varieties of herbal, green and black teas, each formulated with a unique flavor and purpose in mind. At this time, two of our teas do carry warnings related to age: Yogi Kava Stress Relief carries a warning that it is not for use by persons under 18 years of age, and Yogi Soothing Mint Get Regular carries a warning that it is not recommended for children under 12 years of age. If a Yogi tea carries a warning, it would be noted in the outer carton’s Supplement Facts panel, as well as on the backside of its individual envelopes.

    In light of this warning and considering that everyone can respond differently to herbs and botanicals, we recommend you consult your qualified health care provider or pediatrician, as they can help you identify any particular substances to which you may be uniquely sensitive. He or she is also best suited to address any specific questions or concerns you may have regarding your overall health and consumption of Yogi teas.

    Thank you again for getting in touch, and please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • I am looking for a tea that will reduce stomach – acid reflux.
    Is the Stomach Ease the best choice to try.
    Do you have any customer success results?

  • Becca Lesser says:

    At this time, we do not make a tea specifically for acid reflux. We do have several teas formulated for digestive support, including Stomach Ease; listed below:

    Stomach Ease:
    Lemon Ginger:

    Please keep in mind that these suggestions are not intended to replace any professional medical recommendations, and we kindly remind you to always consult with a physician or qualified health care professional with any specific questions about your health; as they are best suited to make a recommendation in light of your personal medical profile.

    Thanks again, and be well!

  • Melissa McLean says:

    I took 2 detox tea last night and woke up at 345am in full blown pain the cramps were unbareable. Is it safe to safe take 1 tea bag and not 2

  • Yogi says:

    Hi Melissa,

    At Yogi, we take a conservative approach to individual health. In light of your experience and given that everyone can respond uniquely to particular herbs and botanicals, we strongly recommend you consult your qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have about your consumption of Yogi DeTox. He or she is best suited to identify any substances to which you may be uniquely sensitive, address any specific questions you may have about your health, and make a recommendation in light of your personal medical profile. Additionally, we kindly request that you reach out to us directly at so we may further follow up with you about this experience.

    Thank you!

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