Yoga Poses for Relaxation

Find Your Sense of Calm with Yoga Poses for Relaxation

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Think you need an hour at the yoga mat to feel the calming effects of Yoga? Think again – and take a look at your Yogi tea carton! Given Yogi’s roots in yoga, it’s only fitting that each carton of Yogi tea includes a Yoga pose on its side panel. And, those with a busy schedule will be happy to find that the relaxing benefits of these yoga poses can be achieved in about the same amount of time it takes to steep a cup of Yogi tea.

The following yoga poses can be practiced almost anywhere and anytime, and are perfect for finding a moment of mindfulness during a hectic or busy day:



Yoga to invite tranquility

Sit cross-legged or in a chair with feet flat. Rest your right elbow on right knee. Lean your right cheekbone on the palm of your right hand. Close your eyes and relax for 1 to 3 minutes. Your mind and body will thank you.




Yoga to set your tension free

Lie on your back. While keeping your head flat on the ground, wrap your hands around shins. Gently draw the knees toward chest in a slow, easy pull as you consciously relax your lower back. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. Out with tension, in with relaxation.


Yoga to bring peace of mind

Sit cross-legged or in a chair with feet flat. With eyes gently closed, close off right nostril with right hand and take smooth, equal breaths through the left nostril. Your target breath rate is 4 to 6 breaths per minute. Then, switch sides. Feeling at peace starts with breathing deeply.


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  • Carol Krask says:

    Thank you. Im going to try this, it does seem very calming.

  • Sylvester A. Adesina says:

    We like to sell Yogi products in Nigeria especially the laxative. However the products must be registered by NAFDAC (Health Authority ) by you.

  • Becca Lesser says:

    Hi there Sylvester,

    Thanks so much for reaching out! We’re happy to help you with your inquiry – may we kindly ask you to clarify whether you’re interested in contacting our Business Sales team? Please let us know so that we may further assist you.

    Thank you,

  • Becca Lesser says:

    Hi there, Carol!

    We’re happy to hear that you found our post on Yogi Poses for Relaxation useful! We hope that these poses bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your day 🙂

    Enjoy, and be well!

  • Do you have an exercise post on TV or an exercise manual available?

  • Becca Lesser says:

    Hi there JoAnne,

    While we don’t currently have an exercise manual, you can find additional yoga poses by following this link to our Yoga Pose gallery:

    I hope this helps!

  • Anya says:

    I like that the instructions here say you can do the poses in a chair with feet flat! That helps. I am recovering from Late Stage Lyme Disease, and my knees are not yet up to what it takes to do yoga on a mat. I do qi gong regularly, but I’d like to add yoga. Are there any posts on poses that are good for physically challenged beginners? Thank you!

  • Yogi says:

    Hi there Anya,

    Thanks so much for your message – we’re happy to hear that you found our yoga poses to be helpful! Many of the yoga poses that you will find in the Well Being section of our site are great for beginners. That being said, please do note that here at Yogi, we take a conservative approach to individual health. We strongly recommend that you consult your qualified healthcare provider prior to starting any new exercise regimen, as they are best suited to make a recommendation in light of your personal medical profile. We hope this information is helpful! Let us know if we can answer any additional questions.

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