The Kumari Project

Building safe and joyful childhoods for orphans in Nepal.

The Kumari Project is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is especially near and dear to our hearts. Not only does its mission to “educate and empower Nepalese orphans by providing basic health care, nutrition, education, and life skills” align with our core values, but it was founded by a Nepalese native who was adopted by a former Yogi employee.

Yogi’s support of The Kumari Project helps fund its efforts to pioneer a safe, long-term home for female Nepalese orphans. In addition to providing stable housing and meals, this home offers forward-thinking care encompassing education and physical and emotional support services.

As a direct result of Yogi’s support of The Kumari Project:

  • 12 Nepalese children are housed at the Kumari Project Safe House. The goal is to provide for them a stable home until they are 18 years of age.
  • Assisted by well-known artists, The Kumari Project organizes extracurricular music, art and dance classes that encourage and develop creativity and imagination. Education for an additional 50 Nepalese children has been funded, while more than 100 have attended classes through Kumari’s ‘Education & The Arts’ program. In 2015, tutors were also provided for those in the Kumari Project Safe House to close the academic gap, resulting in two of the children scoring first in their class within a year of transferring schools!
  • Another key element of The Kumari Project involves supplying orphans with healthy food and hot meals. Together with local doctors, The Kumari project also provides medical care, including free check-ups.

To learn more about the Kumari Project and to read their most recent updates, visit

“Before people from The Kumari Project came to our orphanage, no one had ever asked us what we want or need. No one knew who we were.”

- Sunita, age 12.