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Delicious Summer Yogi Tea Recipes

Sit back and enjoy the rest of summer with refreshing and delicious beverage ideas using your favorite Yogi teas! Classic Sangria Ingredients for two 10 ounce servings: • 2 tea bags Yogi Chai Rooibos tea • 4 ounces red grape juice •... Read More »

Yogi Tea Tag Photo Giveaway!

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than by sharing photos of your favorite Yogi tea tag inspirational messages! Send your favorite photo to by July 31st, 2014 and be entered to win a collection of 6 boxes of... Read More »

Get to Know Assam Black Tea

As black teas go, Assam Black Tea is one of the most recognizable. Known for its body, briskness, malty flavor and strong, bright color, it is named for the Assam region of India, where it was developed and is now widely cultivated.... Read More »

Yogi Green Tea Kombucha Sugar Scrub

Here’s a great sugar scrub recipe using Yogi Green Tea Kombucha! Fun and easy to make, this fragrant treat for your skin is sure to leave you feeling youthful and refreshed. What you’ll need: • 1 ½ c white sugar •... Read More »

Benefits of Green Tea | Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea | Yogi Tea

Learn More About the Deliciously Purposeful Benefits of Green Tea Hundreds of millions of people throughout the world drink green and black teas, both made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, making tea the second most consumed beverage in the... Read More »

Natural Support for Healthy Skin

Raise your hand if you know your body’s largest organ. Think it’s your brain? OK, maybe you can make that claim, but for the rest of us, it’s the skin. Your skin’s condition reflects the health of the body you... Read More »

DIY Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Soap!

Do you love to relax in a warm bath, with delicious smelling soap and a comforting cup of tea? Here is a great recipe to make your own lavender soap using Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea!

Stay warm with Yogi teas this cold weather season!

If you've ever eaten Indian food, you might know that Ayurveda uses food for both nourishment and to support general health. Herbs appear in food for taste as well as to support well-being, so many warming herbs are those we think of as culinary spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves...

Ayurveda, the Doshas and Yogi tea

Since the beginning, we have used Ayurvedic principles to formulate teas for well-being. Part of the Ayurvedic system of energetics includes the concept of three primal metabolic regulatory forces, the doshas.....

Herbs for Digestion

In Ayurvedic thought, when your digestive system isn't functioning optimally, your body isn't able to absorb all of the nutrition and energy from what you eat. Certain herbs work exceptionally well to help warm up the digestive tract and support healthy digestion.....

Herbs for Yoga, Part 4: Endurance

To optimize your daily energy and promote endurance, Yoga itself can help, as well as herbal tonics.Eleuthero is a distant relative of Asian ginseng, but has been most frequently nicknamed Siberian ginseng in this country. Native to the Taiga region of... Read More »

Herbs for Yoga, Part 3: Circulation

People who practice yoga certainly improve their circulation. But yoga alone is not enough. In fact, yoga is a small, albeit important, piece of the larger health management system of Ayurveda. And, to even practice yoga at a high level, people need good circulation. Enter circulation-promoting herbs...

Herbs for Yoga, Part 2: Relaxation

We live in a chaotic and stimulating world. The pace of life perpetually accelerates, and our whole civilization becomes more and more frantic. But you don't need to put up with this daily tension. There are herbs that can help you to relax....

Benefits of Tea Boost Its Popularity

Here at Yogi, we've always known that tea, besides tasting wonderful, was also supportive to your overall well being. Tea (green and black) is the second-most-consumed beverage in the world, after water, so there's no doubt it's very well-liked, but recent scientific discoveries about its health-improving benefits have caused its popularity to soar....

Herbs for Yoga, Part 1: Stamina

For yoga practitioners, stamina is key for excellence in the practice. Cue the celebrated Ayurvedic herb, Ashwaganda. This stamina-supporting root, sometimes named “winter cherry”, is the main tonic in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia, holding a role similar to that of ginseng in Chinese medicine...

Feeling stressed? Lavender and Kava to the Rescue!

We live in a worried world. It seems like the pace of life intensifies every day, and everyone around is more and more frantic. If you're like a lot of us, the result is some pretty serious stress. Lavender tea is a time honored way to take the edge off...

The importance of detoxification for overall wellness

Feeling a little soggy and boggy? A good clean-up from the inside out could be just the thing to restore your edge. Removing impurities that build up in the body-safely, naturally and effectively-can give us a boost in renewed vitality.

Yogi Teas Support Well-Being this Cold Weather Season

Winter is here! This season brings an abundance of dark, damp and cold environments. In these cold temperatures, circulation slows so there may be less warmth in the tissues, and our digestive fire is dampened so there may be a decrease in appetite. A decrease in both circulation and digestive fire can lead to a drop in our strength and immunity. Here at Yogi we make several teas for the cold season, including Echinacea Immune Support and Throat Comfort®....

Find Relaxation this Holiday Season with Bedtime® & Kava Stress Relief® Teas

In the tradition of yoga, where humans and nature are closely aligned, it is understood that the most stressful times for the body are in these transitions between the seasons. Here at Yogi we make several delicious varieties of tea that can help support rest and relaxation, including Bedtime® and Kava Stress Relief®.....

Rainforest Alliance Yogi Tea Giveaway!

In honor of our collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance and Follow the Frog Week, we're giving away a selection of Yogi teas that contain Organic Rooibos from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms....

Yogi DeTox Tea

Detoxify with Yogi DeTox Tea and Roasted Dandelion Spice DeTox Tea

Detoxification is optimal in the Spring when new blood is formed in the body and again at the start of Fall as a kind of pre-winter clean out to encourage strength and immune function. Our traditional Detox tea is a one-of-a-kind blend that is purposely formulated with traditionally used detoxifying herbs and botanicals, including Dandelion Root in combination with Burdock, Juniper Berries and Sarsaparilla....

Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy

What is Positive Energy? For us at Yogi Positive Energy is having an open mind, an imaginative mind, a positive mind. We created Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea because within the systems of yoga and Ayurveda there are many herbs and botanicals to help you build this positive energy...

Relax with a Cup of Honey Lavender Stress Relief!

Traditionally, herbs and botanicals were used to both stimulate activity or to calm and restore your energy. Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea was created to support you in relaxation with a deliciously intriguing blend that helps to soothe and calm both the body and mind....

Schisandra Berry in NEW Caramel Apple Spice Snack Tea!

When you eat, or have the urge to snack, what is really happening? In an Ayurvedic or Classical Chinese Medicine approach, you need to touch on the five distinct flavors to nourish the body and leave you feeling satisfied and in balance. Yogi's new Yogi Caramel Apple Snack Tea™ contains schisandra berries for their unique, ability to stimulate all five basic tastes....

Yogi Refreshing Mint Vital Energy!

Every Yogi tea is secretly balanced to give you the best experience each time you drink it. Whether it's your first cup of tea in the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up, Yogi Energizing Assam Mint ReVitalize tea is a delicious blend of the finest organic Assam black tea leaves, mints and spices that will invigorate and support healthy energy flow....

Guru Hari’s Favorite Warm Weather Teas & Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

One of my favorite Yogi teas in the Spring and Summer is Lemon Ginger. Spicy, fruity, lemony and bright, it fits in well with the fresh fruits and flavors this time of year. While Ginger teas are traditionally enjoyed in the Winter to help promote warmth and support circulation and digestion, they are also great in the warmer months....

Sleep Well with New Soothing Caramel Bedtime® tea

To enjoy a restful and rejuvenating sleep it's important to clear the stressful energies from both the body and the mind, and our new Soothing Caramel Bedtime® is a delicious and effective sleep tea that helps do just that...

Visit to Local Peppermint Farm

Yogi buyer Rex recently spent a day in the fields seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, and learning about what it takes to grow and harvest the organic ingredients we source from Trout Lake Farms in Ephrata, Washington...

Energizing Teas

Refreshing Mint Revitalize™ and Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy® are designed to support and increase your energy level.

Come to check out the Yogi blog?

We’re excited to share that our vibrant Facebook community has grown so much this year that we’re moving our talk of herbalism, the Yogi lifestyle and our dozens of delicious teas to the Yogi Facebook page:  Come find us there... Read More »

The New 2010 Dietary Guidelines

The new U.S. dietary guidelines tell us what's good for us, like they always have, and they also spell out how to avoid specific damaging foods and lifestyle choices.

The Doshas and Personal Relationships

From the Ayurvedic perspective, the doshas are the all important factor in how you grow and manage your life. Your constitution plays a major role in your organ weak links, disease tendencies and, yes, attitudes and behaviors. People with a vata constitution tend to be creative, but insecure. Throughout... Read More »

A series on the doshas

Many of you have commented on how much you like it when I blog about the doshas. These master energies of the body are complex, yet systematic. With just a little study, you can easily grasp the basics and begin... Read More »

Weekly Q and A with our Facebook Fans

Why do so many Yogi teas contain black pepper? We think of black pepper as a culinary spice, but in Asian herbalism black pepper is the foremost detoxifier and anti-aging herb. It is a warming, anti-gas digestive remedy that is used to increase... Read More »

Weekly Q and A with our Facebook Fans

@Tina – glad to hear you are relaxing with Bedtime herbal tea. The skullcap plant has a long history of use in the herbal systems of North America, and more recently, Europe. It is one of the most commonly used herbs to... Read More »

Beet Juice is the newest health drink

We don’t often turn to beets when we think of ultrahealthy foods, but it looks like we should. WedMD has a good article today that summarizes the virtues of the vegetable people love to hate. According to the latest science, beet juice... Read More »

The most depressing day of the year

According to Cardiff University, today is the most depressing day of the entire year. Called ‘Blue Monday”, today represents the accumulated peak of post-holiday blahs, holiday debt, dropped New Year’s resolutions, cold weather and the winer doldrums. At least we know... Read More »

Weekly Q and A with our Facebook fans

With the winter season in full force, I thought I’d blog about chrysanthemum, an herb that is very popular in Asia, where it is called Ju Hua but known mainly in the U.S. as a decorative flower. Yes, this is... Read More »

Weekly Q and A with our Facebook fans

@Suzanne- Throat Comfort is certainly a popular and effective herbal tea. One of the active ingredients in this tea is an herb that does not get much attention, it should! Slippery elm, despite the scarceness of scientific research behind it, is... Read More »

What You Will Eat in 2011

Fitbie has a recent slide show that predicts the hot food trends for the next year. One of the trends that caught my eye was the new interest in gluten free foods. From my perspective, this has become the trend du jour.... Read More »

Weekly Q and A with our Facebook fans

@Debbie- You’re right. Peppermint herbal tea has many healthy properties. Sure, it tastes good, but it’s a superb folk remedy to have around the house for a plethora of simple uses. As Debbie said, peppermint, along with other herbs that promote perspiration,... Read More »

Experts Weigh in on Resolutions

Dr. Oz posted his recommendations for improving your life in the new year. I like his pragmatic approach. I especially like that he suggests yoga (seven minutes per day to get you started). And he is serious about getting enough sleep,... Read More »

Relax with a daily tea time

Regardless of your reason for drinking tea, be it for health or pleasure, at the very least it gives you a chance to slow down.

Meet Karta Purkh

  Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa is a loving husband, father and a practitioner of yoga and Ayurveda for over 40 years. As a teenager studying yoga, Karta Purkh Singh was intrigued by the potential of natural medicine and was invited... Read More »

Kapha Man in Relationships

Mr. Kapha has a sturdy, heavy frame, and he has a good reserve of physical strength and stamina. He enjoys a natural disease resistance and a generally positive outlook.

Pitta Women in Relationships

The fire type, pitta, tends to be a leader, passionate, colorful, argumentative, competitive, decisive and convincing—fiery!

More Cooling Beverage Ideas

Acupuncturist Karen Vaughan recently posted some good ideas for staying cool in the heat, using herbal tea concoctions.Check out her suggestions for black tea, with rose petals and vanilla. Of course, she recommends peppermint herbal tea.

Vata Women in Relationships

The essence of vata is movement and flexibility in thought, word and deed. No day is the same for Ms. Vata, so be ready for her to be just about anybody and want to do just about anything.

Diets for the Doshas

Since we're talking about the Ayurvedic doshas, here's a good reminder of diets to keep each type of constitution in balance.

Dosha Great Dates

Whether your romantic partner shares your constitution or complements yours, you can learn to forge a solid romance with any other type.

To Nap or Not to Nap

Naps energize some people, while, for others, they just make it harder to sleep at night.

The Doshas Go Clothes Shopping

By now, we know that people with different constitutions have very different bodies, health histories and personalities. Of course, all these individual differences show up in all other aspects of life. Take shopping…

Easy tips for everyday yoga

Yoga is a vast collection of techniques and practices aimed at integrating mind, body and spirit. Ultimately, the goal is to pursue a state of expanded awareness that allows us to be more advanced and effective human beings in all areas of our lives.

The Doshas go to the Movies

This study of the Ayurvedic constitutions is really exciting. Once you get the hang of the basics, you will find yourself using your newfound knowledge every minute of every day.

Living the Doshas Series

Perhaps the most important thing I have ever learned in my life, in terms of getting healthy and then staying healthy, is learning and using the system for self awareness that Ayurveda has created — the three doshas.

Top Ten Sleep Tips

When it comes to sleep, the little things add up. Here are ten great things you can do to make your night cozy and restful.

Which healing herbs can I grow?

Remember when we were talking about growing herbs? Here's a bit more to inspire you if you haven't started your garden yet.

The Big Sleep

Sleep problems vary by dosha. Depending on what's going on with your body's energy balance, you may have trouble falling asleep, find our self wide awake in the middle of the night, or be snoring like a bear when you should be a bright-eyed squirrel.

Survive the Spring with Ayurveda – Part 1

When spring starts in March we often say it is “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” so we all know it is a time of change. Winter, a cold (kapha) season, gradually gives way to the increasing warmth (pitta) of summer. But it doesn't happen easily.

Stay in balance with the seasons

Ayurveda is all about balance- how to know if we have it, how to achieve it and how to keep it. One of the most important things we can do to stay in balance is to keep an eye on the calendar.

Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans

Thanks for sharing all your comments and perspectives this week! Here's my weekly round-up of answers to your questions, comments and perspectives posted on Facebook.

Match your meals to the doshas of the whole family

OK, you've arrived at some consistency with figuring out how to prepare food for yourself according to your individual needs. So now what happens when you are cooking for a group that includes people with different dosha needs?

Eat according to your body’s energies

Diet is the first pillar of good health. Thoughtful, healthy eating is the safest way to positively impact your body and mind, and can be used by anyone as self care.

Reader Q&A #1

As more of you visit the blog I've gotten an increasing number of questions — which I love and am happy to answer!

8 Embarrassing Sleep Habits

We often think about sleep issues as being things like sleeping soundly or waking a few times to go to the bathroom, but what if our nightly rest also comes along with some other less sophisticated behavior. Don't worry, these are all pretty common, and most are easily handled with natural methods.

Five Signs you are sleep deprived

We're a nation of tired people. Americans are getting less sleep each year, and it shows. More and more people are failing to live up to the performance they expect of themselves, because of lack of sound, restorative sleep. Are you one of them?

Healthy Sleep

Having setbacks with your sleep? Waking up in the middle of the night, unable drift off again? Maybe you're one of those heavy slumberers, struggling to wake up when the alarm goes off in the morning. We'll search for some answers.

Weekly Q&A with our Facebook Fans

Welcome, all you Facebook folks! Thanks for all your questions, comments and sharing of recommendations. To continue the incredible conversation happening on Facebook, I'll be responding weekly to some of your great questions about herbal matters that are important to you.

Creating Calm

Feeling a little tense today? Or every day? These days, the pace of life continues to increase, and our whole civilization is becoming more and more frantic.

How are those resolutions going?

I thought it was about time to check in on those New Year's resolutions. Most folks have long fallen off the wagon. The healthy living wagon, that is, which also answers to the names weight loss, exercise, good diet, a healthy romantic life and stress management.

Planning for a Planful Life

It seems to me that so much of what we do ends up being ruled by the day's chaos. What if we could just get a little ahead of the frenzy and stick to a plan that would help us live the lives we dream of?

The chili peppers quizz

Chili peppers are among the most healing herbs around. I love them for many, many things. They truly are a medicine chest in a bite.

Winter Recipes with Pizzazz

Having trouble coming up with tasty winter foods that are still healthy? How about something to stick to your ribs on these cold, cold winter nights during what President Obama called a “Snowpocalypse?” Did I mention it is cold?

Taking Time for the Important Things

You might love your work, but do you, in reality, live to work? True, we have to work to live, but many of us are finding that work has become our life, and not much else happens in life that's not related to our jobs.

A Rose for Relaxation

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and all thoughts are turning to roses. These beautiful flowers add a special something to the décor, but they don't stop at decoration. The stunning blossoms are some of the world's most popular medicine.

Making Tea: How To Know You’re Doing it Right

Teas are the very most popular way to take herbs in most other cultures of the world, but the herbal tea habit hasn't completely caught on here yet. Its popularity is growing, though. In the traditional cultures that were the origins of natural medicine, teas, broths and soups are a daily part of life.

Speaking of peppermint…

Peppermint is a great tasting herb, and a potent herbal remedy, but not every one is quite so in love with it.

Peppermint — not just for candy canes

Who doesn't like peppermint? For me, it's a reminder of my kindly Grandma, but have you ever supposed that there might be something more to this herb than after dinner candy or a sip of mint julep?

Holiday Cooking with Healthful Herbs

All healing herbs taste bad. Or so you might think, if you've only tried the concoctions from your Chinese herbalist or local herb tonic bar. But it ain't necessarily so. It turns out that you've been eating and drinking some potent healthful herbs all along. And they're delicious, too.

The Best Detox Herbs

Infomercials tout it and Gwyneth Paltrow promotes it. Sure, we hear a lot about detoxification, and, admittedly, getting our insides decontaminated sounds like it should be a good idea. Still, should you run right out and detox yourself?

Know Your Dosha and Meet Your Perfect Match

Everyone wants to find love, to be in love, and to stay in love. Sounds good, but how do we find that special someone? And even trickier, how do we live happily ever after with Mr. or Ms. Right?

What’s my Personal Yoga Style?

Yoga is a vast science, and everyone has her own preferences and abilities. Finding a style that works well for you is very important.

Juicing, Part 3

Juicing can get a little monotonous, so it's good to spice things up a bit. Along those lines, spicy ginger gives a kick to just about any detoxifying juice mix.

Juicing, Part 2

Celery is profoundly detoxifying and widely considered to be the most cooling food available.

Still Got the Juice?

I'm a great fan of juice fasting. It's a good compromise between drastic detox and you normal daily diet.

Decaffeinating Green Tea

I received a great question about how we decaffeinate Yogi green tea. As you may know, some beverages are decaffeinated by soaking in some pretty noxious chemicals. Not Yogi green tea.

Stay Energized

Are you having one of those days? You woke up totally tired- all you want is to go back to sleep. It's 11:00 a.m., and you're half way through your third cup of coffee.

Our Vital Energy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the principle of the unconditional, unifying energy of all phenomena. Called “qi” (pronounced “chee”), it is ephemeral, active, and constantly changing.

Relax with Yoga

You may have heard how great people feel after their yoga class. And those people might even be saying how much more relaxed they are in their daily lives. One of the first goals of yoga is to give people an experience, often for the first time, of profoundly deep relaxation.

Ginger, the Universal Herb

Want to add a little zap to your tongue and your health? In my opinion, ginger root, called “the universal medicine” in Ayurveda, is one of the best investments you can make in your health. And it's so simple. This root is delicious, inexpensive and easily available.

Yogi Tea for the Summer

Sure, we all enjoy a delicious cup of piping hot tea on a cold winter's day, but we've had some hot weather here in Oregon lately. How about some cooling, if you please?

Best summer foods

Seems like the season would make a difference in our health, doesn't it? Each season has its temperature, humidity and different hours of sun, and it turns out that seasonal differences have a big effect, and while we usually don't talk much about it, older health systems have worked out a whole system of eating with the seasons. I've found it to be one of the most revealing things you can learn to help you stay healthy.

Many Styles of Yoga

Everyone seems to be doing yoga. Dr. Oz uses yoga to focus his mind. Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow practice to stay in shape. It seems like it must be good for you, but what are people getting out of it, and why do there seem to be so many types and styles?

Disgraced Professional Football Player Becomes Holistic Healer

I am always gladdened when people turn their lives around and find their life's passion. Ricky Williams, a star running back, called himself “the poster child for marijuana.” And yep, he did fail a drug test, causing him to be booted from the National Football League.

Improve Your Metabolism part 1

Let me introduce my good friend, Amanda McQuade Crawford, who is one of the premier consulting herbalists in America. With distinguished credentials in England, New Zealand and America, she has had an illustrious career in the field. I think Amanda is one of the clearest voices in herbalism today, and she is a noted authority on detoxification, so I have asked her to blog for us on the right way to detoxify. Look for the next two posts from Amanda over the next two days.

Snack if you must

Most natural healing systems stress the need to let your digestive process finish off one meal before embarking on the task of digesting the next. Ayurveda is particularly strict about that angle, and seriously recommends about four hours between meals. That's four hours with- sorry- no snacks.

Top Grains

Bread is the staff of life. Or at least it could be, if we ate homemade whole grain bread baked with love.

Chill Out with Cumin

Cumin seed is a standby for making tasty cooling beverages in the tropical East. If you visit South Asia, you might not make it to the Taj Mahal, but one thing's pretty certain: you'll drink jal jeera.

Summer Grains

We usually think of grains as stick-to-your-ribs winter fare, but some of them can make good summer foods, too.

Cooling Summer Herbs

Are we hot enough yet? Here in Oregon, it's unseasonably warm, and the time of year to look for some cooling herbs.

Bring on the Guests

I have invited several of my esteemed friends and colleagues to write guest posts, so you will be seeing more of them soon. I think you will like what you read from them.

Add Antioxidants to Your Diet

Speaking of superfruits and antioxidants, here's a short video that shows you some important fruits, foods and teas that are loaded with healthy antioxidants

The Pitta Cooling Eating Plan

It seems to me that one of the most profound things you can do to impact your long term health is to control inflammation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine 101

In my 37 years in the health and nutrition field, I have studied a lot of natural health systems. For me, two stand out, and I use them literally every day.

Dosha Diets

Learning about my Ayurvedic constitution and adjusting my diet accordingly was one of the most, if not the most important, things I have ever done for my health. I grew up having chronic, serious sinus problems. Once I learned that, as a kapha constitution, I did much better with very few milk products in my diet, my sinus issues retreated and never bothered me again.

Green Tea Works Wonders

You'd have to live under a rock to miss the green tea explosion of the last decade. I think this healthy beverage can be a great addition to a healthy diet and herb program.

A Healthy Diet- Eat the Whole, not the Parts

It seems to me that, for our health, the thing that most of us have had the most trouble with for the longest is diet. And, boy, has our diet changed, in just one generation! Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common. Fiber levels are one tenth of that of our historical diet.

Get to Know your Superfruits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or so they say. Apples really are pretty healthy, but some superstar fruits are getting a lot of attention these days. I've been giving some thought to fruits and which ones would really be a good addition to our diet, and while doing that, I've actually been eating an apple each day for many years.

Top Ten Ayurvedic Herbs

Herbs work. They are effective and dynamic, and you can feel their effects. I see it every day, and I'd like you to feel it. But how to get started?

Yogi’s Five Spices

Ayurveda has come up with a special blend of 5 herbs that work especially well if you consume them every day, so, in my house, we drink the “original” Yogi Tea, the one that started it all, every day.

Healthy Weight and Detox

When Oprah and Dr. Oz talk about detoxification and special therapeutic diets, you know it's become trendy.

Natural Health and Ayurveda 101

I've studied healing systems from all over the planet, and I use techniques from a lot of them, but when I'm eyeball to eyeball over the exam table with someone, my mental wheels are turning along the paths of Ayurveda

A Tea is a Tea is a…

I drink herbal tea every day, and as an herbalist, I recommend it frequently, in many forms, for many people, and for many uses. But today's topic - typical tea terminology - can get a bit perplexing, to say the least.