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Yogi Tea in the Kitchen: Spiced Holiday Cider

Enjoy this easy-to-make spiced cider with family and friends this holiday season! Looking for a delicious drink to prepare for your next holiday gathering? Yogi Spiced Holiday Cider is simple to prepare, and perfect for sharing with family and friends... Read More »

Yogi Tea Giveaway: Fall Photo Contest

How good can you feel? Show us how you’re enjoying your favorite Yogi tea for a chance to win a selection of our best-selling teas and a Yogi Hydro Flask!* We love to see all the ways in which our fans... Read More »

Get to Know Cardamom

Learn more about this traditional Ayurvedic spice used in more than 30 Yogi tea blends. Origins & Sourcing Cardamom, a relative of the Ginger family, is a perennial plant that produces large pods which are commonly used as a culinary spice.... Read More »

Yogi Positive Energy Iced Tea Pops

  Enjoy these refreshingly delicious and easy-to-make iced treats all summer long According to Ayurveda, the summer solstice can signify a period of dehydration, during which time our bodies can feel depleted and fatigued. As the season shifts to summer,... Read More »

Get to Know Peppermint Leaf | Yogi Tea

Get to Know Peppermint Leaf

Learn more about the origins and benefits of this versatile herb   Origins & Sourcing Peppermint is a perennial plant which produces leaves with a pungent mint flavor and aroma. While Mint has been used for health purposes for thousands of years in ancient... Read More »

Simple Ways to Find a Daily Moment of Mindfulness

If you’ve ever felt the need to destress, refocus, or reenergize in the middle of your day, practicing Mindfulness may help. Mindfulness, a form of meditation, involves “being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling at every moment…without interpretation.” According... Read More »

Yogi Lemon Ginger Sun Tea | Yogi Tea

Yogi Lemon Ginger Sun Tea

Yogi Lemon Ginger Sun Tea is a refreshing and easy-to-prepare drink that’s delicious to enjoy on its own, or paired with your favorite seasonal fruits and herbs.   While many Yogi teas are purposefully blended with warming herbs and ingredients... Read More »

Get to Know Raspberry Leaf | Yogi Tea

Get to Know Raspberry Leaf

Learn more about the benefits of Raspberry Leaf, a time-honored herb used by herbalists to support the uterus.   As a mineral-rich remedy, Raspberry Leaf is often considered one of the most recognized herbs for supporting pregnancy; as well as... Read More »

Iced Tea | Yogi Tea

Cool Down with Delicious Yogi Tea Over Ice

    Stay cool and energized with a refreshing glass of Yogi tea over ice! Yogi teas are purposefully formulated to support your body and mind – and can be enjoyed hot, or cold. For an energizing and uplifting iced... Read More »

Overnight Yogi Tea Oats | Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea Overnight Oats

  Oats are a great source of calcium, protein, and fiber – making them an excellent choice for an energizing breakfast. Another great benefit to these tasty grains? They’re incredibly easy to prepare ahead, and incredibly easy to customize with your favorite... Read More »

Rest & Relax Teas

Teas to Soothe Your Mind & Refresh Your Spirit

Time-Honored Herbs & Botanicals Used to Support Rest & Relaxation Yogi’s history is rooted in Ayurveda, the holistic teachings that focus on achieving balance between the body and mind. For many of us, achieving this mind-body balance in today’s fast-paced,... Read More »

Yoga Poses for Relaxation

Find Your Sense of Calm with Yoga Poses for Relaxation Think you need an hour at the yoga mat to feel the calming effects of Yoga? Think again – and take a look at your Yogi tea carton! Given Yogi’s... Read More »

RFTC 2017 Team Yogi

Team Yogi Participates in 2017 Eugene Race for the Cure

  Here at Yogi, we’re proud to embrace partnerships with organizations that support quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. With the common goal of Awakening Goodness, our partnerships empower others to achieve their greatest potential and live vibrant lives. This month, we... Read More »