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Herbs for Relaxation

    As we approach the holidays, with all the preparations and decorations, an elevated stress level can seem to be an inevitable component of the season. Here are some herbs recommended for relaxation from our herbalist, Karta Purkh Singh... Read More »

Get to Know Dandelion

  Dandelions, those little yellow flowers growing on your lawn, may appear to be a pesky yard weed, but in fact, they are treasured in three of the world’s largest and oldest systems of herbalism for their healthy cleansing properties:... Read More »

It’s Rainforest Alliance Follow the Frog Week!

  It’s Follow the Frog Week, a time to celebrate commitment to sustainability! Yogi is proud to offer a selection of teas that contain Organic Rooibos from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, sustainably grown to benefit farm families, wildlife, and the... Read More »